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interactive touch glass products

Interactive storefront window or interior glass wall of custom size with capability of displaying 4K content

SRUI's interactive media glass is the storefront display window of the future and retail's new operating system. This can include an architectural glass storefront or glass wall touch screen to allow consumers to interact with product advertisements and promotions. Another application is a digital interactive glass media wall with the capability of wide format, interactive imaging that can be used for corporate meetings, classroom lessons, museum displays, and much more.

interactive touch glass storefront window or wall

Retrofit existing storefront or structure as an interactive media system

SRUI can retrofit any existing storefront or structure as an interactive media system that can be customized to fit the needs of its surroundings: from a gaming system to large scale advertising to education and beyond.

interactive touch glass retrofit

All-glass interactive kiosk with image display and our exclusive touch technology applied to 2 sides or more

This kiosk has the capability of acting as an interactive architectural billboard, which has unlimited potential to provide malls, airports, train stations, and other  public common areas, with access to interactive touch glass displays in high traffic pedestrian areas.
In addition, the kiosks can act as interactive architectural directories, which will provide malls, corporate lobbies, airports, hotels, and more with an all-glass interactive functional directory board with links to more information.

interactive touch glass kiosk
interactive touch glass conference table

Attractive glass table with image display and touch technology applied to the top surface  


This  state-of-the-art  interactive conference table aids in smart thinking, idea generattaion and productivity. The table allows companies or groups of people  to sit at a table  and interact with wide format images, documents, PDFS and more.

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