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What does Smart Retail User Interface (SRUI) do?
SRUI is focused on large-format architectural interactive glass. SRUI works with its clients to provide mission critical AV systems, which are architecturally focused and priced competitively. Customer satisfaction is paramount to SRUI and we work with our clients to provide customized systems tailored to their unique needs.
How does the technology work?
For a better understanding of the technology, please visit our “Specifications” tab and view videos of the technology in action on our “Projects” or “Beyond Touch Technology” pages.
In what settings can interactive glass be used?
Corporate, business, residential and commercial real estate, retail, theme parks, arena, entertainment, hospitality, medical, education and virtual showrooms. Anywhere large interactive immersive experiences can benefit the end-user and their specific audiences, SRUI can add significant value. SRUI can build, fabricate, and supply systems for the most complex designs.
What picture quality is supported by your products and solutions?
Many of our architectural interactive glass solutions are rear projection and display up to 4K content and beyond (4K60 video). We work with our clients to balance cost and picture quality for each unique application. (NOTE: Because of difficulty filming rear projection on glass, the picture quality in our demonstration videos is not accurate).
Do large interactive glass installations require new construction?
No, SRUI offers retro-fit interactive touch glass options, as well as a 130” or smaller mobile unit without seams or bezels. This unit can be shipped anywhere. Additionally, SRUI offers rentals. Please contact SRUI for further information.
Does SRUI work with industry manufacturers, integrators, and re-sellers?
Yes, SRUI can supply only large format architectural touch frames/overlays (30- 185”) and glass products. SRUI works directly with manufactures, manufacturer representatives, integrators, and content developers to satisfy their client’s specific needs.
What are the costs associated with SRUI’s products and services?
SRUI can work within the majority of budgets to find a satisfactory solution for end-users. Please click on “contact us” on our homepage with specific questions, applications, and installations.
How can I get more information?
Email us at
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